She invaded my world with her radiant smile and bubbly personality.

Took some getting used to, so energetic and fidgety.  With a tune constantly in her mind, bursts into song at the most random of times.

She walks with a swing in her step.  Now a wobble with baby bump protruding like a watermelon.  It’s the cutest I’ve ever seen up close and personal.  They’ve become my world filled with anticipation.  It’s a boy! He can come any day now! He kicks and punches like he’s trying to find his way out.  The miracle of life from conception, taking up residence like a little alien. But the evidence of movement makes it all so real. Oh when will he get here! We can’t wait to meet him! It’s all so surreal.

She’s brought me rainbows in so many ways. A year filled with wonder, spread over a life changing 365 days. We’ve grown and we’ve learn’t, with struggles too.  Now little man’s on the way life’s blessings abundant, I’m beside myself miracles do come through, just believe in yourself