Strong willed, dignified, out spoken, single parent, providers, determined. . . you traveled land and sea to make a better life for your children and your family. No one knew what or who you left behind in your place of birth; but, you made your way to the Caribbean Islands. You found a place to lay down your roots and began your fresh start. . . Despite all of the struggles, hardships and sorrows you carried deep within your heart. . . You did what you had to do, working the land, being caregivers, baby sitters, maids, using your God given skills working towards brighter days.

It would take decades to see the fruits of your labor and what it would bare. All the tears of sorrow, the agony, the physical pain and emotions you never showed. You just grin and bear it!. . . You grit your teeth and dug in your heels never looking back on the many tumultuous ordeals. You held onto your faith and hope that the good Lord would continue to bless your path. Pressing forward you made tremendous strides of progress putting your kids through school and affording them sound educations. . . vital and useful tools for building pillars of great nations.

You instilled great values raising your children and taking them to church. You ingrained the concept that we would amount to nothing without the precious Lord. You planted seeds of strong will, determination, hard work and endurance. . . You instilled it all with blessed assurance. . . And so they grew to do their best and in turn giving their kids a better start than your generation could ever have dreamed. . . Graduating from college, what an honor! if you could see what came to pass it would make your heart beam. . .

As time progressed your heritage was watered down . . through the mixing of races and various combinations in the islands to be found. For the Caribbean with multi-ethnic cultures and inter-racial backgrounds so diverse. . . what you looked like after birth would determine the race you’d be despite whatever heritage and family backgrounds your ancestors had been. . . Well so be it the labels were created regardless of matters of fact what you looked liked determined weather you were White or Black if not for looking Indian, Hispanic or Asian . . . No watered down in between, mutts and mixes had no categories. It seems only pure breeds maintained heritage and family histories.

The women in my history are the reason form my being, no matter how they were suppressed or seen as lesser human beings. They fought for equal rights, for what is just and true in the eyes of the Lord. Women of faith, hope, strong, nurturing, sacrificial what a legacy you’ve built. Thanks for all the work you’ve done so that we could be free and afford to have better opportunities. . . The values and the faith you instilled give us enduring longevity.


Art also by the writer, MarciiannaLuv and is available from now until March 18, 2016 at The Equality Center in Wilton Manors, Florida.

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