Testing, testing, one two three . . .

What! oh what! a mystery . . .

The wonders of this world, the things that be . . .

The way things unfold and the tragedies The time spent in wonderment appreciating all that nature has to show

The places we end up, the interactions and where they may go

Where things end up, no one can know

Testing, testing, what good is there to be found, come what may as time goes around

The mind’s eye can play such tricks

We manufacture and make dreams that don’t yet exist Yet we relish in their folly, for our lives may not be such bliss

We live in the light of our first real kiss

Testing, testing time will always tell, listen to your instincts they can all serve us well

Watch, look, listen and learn … If you don’t pay attention you can truly burn

Burn in the sting of losing your sight, of all that is plain and in full view just by sight

Walk in truth, peace, hope, faith and love

Always trust in the good Lord above His children shall be covered by His blood

Blameless and covered with love, in the glow of His magnificent light

Follow in faith and never lose sight

A light meant to guide, illuminates all that is good and true

By conscience you’ll be led and you’ll know what you must do

Testing, testing, one two three what’s meant to be in life … Let it be!