“Faith sees the invisible, believes the unbelievable and receives the impossible.”


Pamela N. McGill, empowerment strategist, personal coach and motivational speaker, is the founder and CEO of Blackxcellence, Women’s Empowerment Coaching and Consulting Company.

Born in the city of “brotherly love”, Pam is a master motivator and “fixer” who is passionate about learning and helping others succeed.  Pam believes that Black women are the most powerful human beings on the planet.  It’s a fact that royalty flows through our veins, therefore, mediocrity is not an option.

Landing a college internship with the Social Security Administration kick-started her career as an influential leader, trainer and public speaker.  She considers herself blessed to have reached a high-ranking position early on in her career.  She found however that the higher she climbed up the corporate ladder, the lower the number of women of color.

Pam discovered that she was often the only “fly in the milk” in the board room and that bothered her.  Mentors, diversity and inclusion were non-existent.

When Pamela became a District Manager with the authority to hire and fire, she made a personal promise to give back.  To support and mentor other sisters as they climbed the same ladder in pursuit of their own dreams.  She was determined to make sure that they had guidance and advice and never felt isolated or alone.

Consequently, Pam founded Blackxcellence to make sure that women were educated, equipped and empowered to navigate through and overcome workplace, relationship, education, health and other difficult life challenges.

“I wanted to create a non-judgmental and confidential place for women to gain knowledge and understanding of who she is and what she wants.”  “A place where self-love abounds and confidence, personal strength and resilience flows.”

Pam works with women who are not satisfied with where they are in life and are not afraid to do the work to effectuate change.  Her clients include physicians, pastors, professionals and women from all walks of life.  Her creative strategies have resulted in a 100% satisfaction and success rate.

“I believe that at the end of the day, authenticity, substance and the content of your character is what truly matters.”

It is time to acknowledge that our young women are the present as well as the future.  Our stars of tomorrow continue to rise and Pamela remains firmly committed to creating opportunities for them to learn and grow.

“My purpose is to inspire women to live their truth and design their own path.  My proudest accomplishment is being able to help others turn their goals into achievements and dreams into realities.”

“Excellence is not a skill.  It’s an Attitude!”