How can we rise when our people are still being held down, treated unjustly, persecuted, killed, battered, singled out, misjudged, framed, falsely accused, publicly shamed, imprisoned, sentenced to death, suppressed… treated as less? Lesser human beings who pay with their lives at the hands of those assigned to serve and protect. What a shame such disrespect, the unscrupulous authorities that govern our land… How could we just look on and allow this to stand… Ridiculous laws put in place that just breathe unrelenting hate… It’s never to late, we must protest for we all won’t soon find rest.

How can we be content with these atrocities continuing to occur everyday smack dab in our face?… such a disgrace! a failure as a human race.  We must look after our fellowman lend a giving hand… show our support… abandon the appointment of these outrageous laws. Is our world so flawed?… We’ve forsaken the words of our Lord, our guide to life, choosing to be blind… skewing the truth. We see it everyday in social media, numerous infractions of injustice caught on camera, by cell phone. Uncle Sam seems to loose sight turning blind eyes… resorting to cover ups and bold face lies. We can no longer just sit idly by while our people cry in shame, whose gonna take responsibility and end this silly game?… Called politics! full of trickery, smoke and mirrors, self-serving those of power who control the bodies that govern… like a coven of destruction.

Why can’t we be whatever sex we choose? Is it because of fear that we are creating some deviant rouse, unable to make up our minds, parading in some sort of disguise… somehow confused, subjected to being abused. Having to show our ID’s… just to take a pee! If not for the battles based on the color or shade of our skins… abuse of power is in full spin. They try to silence our voices, smother our lights but we must continue to fight! That we may be lifted, for equal rights to be implemented across the board… Oh precious Lord! What must we do to be free, that our fellowman can just be, just who we are, to aspire, to achieve… We continue to believe- in justice, in truth, hopeful of change for our freedom to be regained.

Despite this repetition in history we fight to be free, that we shall rise again and again, that right will always win, we continue to defend what is just and true that we all may be free… This fight to be! in equality by our color of skin, LGBT rights, matters of immigration that all may be governed with just and fair treatment without bias, discrimination or condemnation.