I recognized her right away.  She was a kindred spirit, a sparkle of light, a fellow mermaid.

We were both on vacation; Joannie with her husband and children, me with my partner and friends.  Two women, from two different worlds, yet somehow we connected.  Joannie is an amazing woman, utilizing her God given gifts to encourage, equip and empower other women to live a more purposeful life.

Joannie Garner is the founder of “Beautiful Warriors”, a women’s movement that has a wide reach around the world.  Over the past 8 years, Joannie has hosted, discipled, ministered to and coached women with a fighter attitude to live out the abundant life; to not be afraid to dream God dreams.  She has been blessed to work from home for the last 11 years, an opportunity she has been afforded due to her partnering with Juice Plus, a health and wellness company.  Because of her work with Juice Plus, she has embraced a life of financial freedom and the flexibility to travel and meet new people around the world.  In 2016, Joannie was a guest on her local TBN station featured as a Wellness Warrior.  Her message was to bring awareness to the condition of America’s health.  We have a sick care system and that charges her passion to help others to take control of their health.  Additionally, she has been a guest on the radio show, “Dancing in The Rain”, where she shared practical self-care tips.

Joannie is a graduate of Light University and has her diploma in Biblical Counseling.  She is also a Life Coach and certified L.E.A.N Health Coach from Dr. Sears Wellness Institute.  She has discovered her calling and passion in supporting and helping others strive for wholeness in their physical and mental health.  After watching many family members suffer from mental and physical illness, she knew working in the health field would be her career.  She served 6 years in the USAF as a Public Health Advocate.  For 6 years she has served with the AGLOW ladies in ministering hope to the incarcerated women at Julia Tutwiler Prison for Women.

With all Joannie has accomplished, and with the knowledge that there is still so much more for her to do, the one thing she is certain of is this;  Her greatest joy is being a mom and a wife.

Joannie spends her free time writing, reading, traveling to sunny places, exercising, doing yoga and eating chocolate; and making it all look effortless.