imageWhere can you find humor?

Everywhere! Just look around you and you will find something to laugh about or make you smile. Some of the things that I find humor in is being around Kids. Kids are very funny without knowing they are being funny. I was playing basketball with a little boy and I told him how good he plays and he said “I’ve been playing for 7 years” I asked him how old he was and he said “I’m 6.” I told him not to go into accounting for a career choice. I have a gangsta sister and I find her very humorous. She never liked the man our Mom married after our Dad died. She said when that MoFo Dies she’s going to the funeral, gonna pick him up out the coffin and punch him in the face. You can’t get no more gangsta or funnier than that. I was driving in a co-workers car because she didn’t want to ride in my car because it’s old and I don’t like to run the AC. When she was driving, her car started beeping very loud. I said “what the heck is that” she said it was the car dealership letting me know my car payment is late and it notifies the REPO People. You know my AZZ was cracking up. She didn’t want to ride in my car, but we risk the chance of her car getting Repo-ed at lunch. Now if you can’t find humor in that I don’t know what to tell you. I love to laugh and make people laugh. It’s a gift God gave me. Even as a child I made people laugh. Now as an adult, I am still making people laugh. I can find humor in all things, some people don’t appreciate my sense of humor, others miss it when I’m not around. Take some time to find something humorous throughout your day, you’ll be glad you did. When we laugh our body creates Natural Killer Cells. These cells attack any cancer or tumorous cells that may be in our body. You know that expression “Laugher is the best medicine” it really is. Laughter also strengthens the heart, reduces stress and releases endorphins, those “feel good” chemicals. So when given an opportunity to laugh make sure you take it. It could lengthen the days we are blessed to be alive. Heal yourself with lots of laughter…that’s what I do.

Laugh on Everyone!!