imageBeyoncé is slayin’ from head to toe with her new song and video, “Formation.”

In which she expresses her thoughts on political topics such as police brutality, feminism, racism, and classism. The Queen is sending out a message to her audience to get in “formation” and get ready to submit. From the very beginning of the song a powerful question is asked. “What happened after New Orleans?” referring to the nonchalant actions taken by our government after this terrifying event. The titled itself is dominant. Queen Bey also tackles rumors about the Illuminati partaking in her success. Beyoncé keeps up with what her fans want and doesn’t forget where she comes from. She shows and remains humble by her reference of keeping her “hot sauce in her bag.” It makes you wonder if she’s more of a Texas Pete or Tabasco type of girl. Beyoncé knows how to connect with her audience, she knows whose listening and caters to that. While her video consists of powerful, subliminal images, her trap style song is catchy and unforgettable. With amazing dance moves and amazing footage reflecting our black history, Queen Bey, has created the Pro Black anthem of the year.

Beyoncé did it again with another song bringing all the independent women together.

You slay? I slay too.