We are created, not evolved from another animal or species despite man’s proneness to animalistic tendencies and sadistic natures that exist in certain individuals. We are created, set aside having a mind, heart and conscience. As man we have complex brains giving us the ability to think, comprehend, reason, rationalize, invent, learn, teach, change, inspire and recreate ourselves from the inside out.

No we did not evolve from being a fish who grew legs and eventually became an ape then evolved into being a man. How ludicrous that people actually believe this mumbo-jumbo. We were designed with very intricate and complex biological systems. These systems have amazing functions and capabilities far removed from any other in all creation on earth. There is non like the creation of man among other living creatures; despite the intelligence or similarities that may be found between man and other animals.

We are created in His image with no other like ourselves, with every species all in a class of their own. Every creature may learn to adapt to their individual environments or habitats and change over time due to atmospheric conditions, climatic changes, the poisoning of their environment through pesticides, fertilizers and other forms of man made chemical pollutants causing mutations in various species found in these areas. Changes made by man through genetic manipulation, cross breathing, and the development of hybrids for monetary gains through mass reproduction especially in agriculture, farming, cattle and livestock industries.

Thus man has the ability and know how to also create, recreate, invent, reinvent, alter and manipulate his environment like no other form of creation on earth; even to his own detriment. We were created, not evolved from another species, but made with the capacity to evolve into better human beings, choosing to make better choices for our environment. We learn from our mistakes, past decisions and failed attempts of success- at least some of us… Others learn the hard way. Nevertheless, we were created! set aside to do and accomplish great things. That is why we were created in His image!