Divine Renee

I am a woman of color.

Not by default but by the blessing of a higher power. I’ve been ignored, laughed at, talked about, used for my color and misunderstood. I’ve been cheated from accomplishing some goals because of the fears of others who refused to acknowledge not only my talents but also my worth as a woman, a human being.

As a woman of color I do not play the victim of ignorance, instead I paint with all the colors of it. I raise above myself for my own self worth.

I am self taught in loving myself, respecting myself, honoring myself, accepting myself as myself. I have no warranty, I am a woman of color and I am as is.

I have a right to embrace my color at any given time of the day throughout my journey in this life. I’ve been colored by society but I have always been a Queen.

By His Divine Love I’ve learned, as a woman of color to stop putting a question mark where God has place a period.