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1969 was the year of the Stonewall Riots and Woodstock. November 10, 1969 saw the arrival of both Sesame Street and me. Stonewall Riots, Woodstock, Sesame Street; this would explain why I am an animated, rebellious, Hip Peace Chick. I was born Carol Lynne Smith and I come from pretty good stock. I inherited my love of reading, dance and music from my mom, Janice, and my love of writing and sarcasm from my dad, Charles. My dad liked capturing moments with both photographs and words and I find that I enjoy doing the same. I am a daughter, a sister and a mom. I am a published author who enjoys singing and dancing; though I sing a whole lot better than I dance.

That Girl About Town online magazine was created from my vision,  and I look forward to watching it grow and mature as I seek to do the same.

I am grateful for all who join me on this journey.

And my journey continues…

Carol Lynne Watson


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